Start the Year Off Smarter with a More Efficient Thermostat


Every modern home in America has a thermostat somewhere in their house. It’s that little mechanism located on a wall somewhere that tells your HVAC system how much heating or air conditioning to pump through your vents to keep your living spaces at the ideal temperature.

As we approach the New Year, however, Air Services customers may want to consider a new smart thermostat installation to help usher them into a new era of efficient energy and considerable utility savings. Even if the thermostat you currently have is working just fine, a smart thermostat would still be a considerable improvement.
What is a Smart Thermostat?
A smart thermostat is to a standard thermostat what a smartphone is to an old rotary telephone. Both may control the same basic functions, but one version is much more adept at doing its job.
Not only do smart thermostats look more elegant and modern, but they adjust to a homeowner’s preferences, automatically make adaptations, and can be controlled remotely to optimize efficiency, reduce carbon footprint, and lower utility bills. Several brands manufacture smart thermostats, which means there are plenty from which to choose for those people interested in entering the New Year with a new thermostat.
The Benefits of a Smart Thermostat:
There are many benefits to investing in a smart thermostat, especially as it relates to technology and long-range access. These include:
  • Remote Access – One major benefit to smart thermostats is that they can be controlled by a smartphone. That means if you’ve been away all day and want to heat the house up a bit so it’s more comfortable by the time you get home, you can.
  • Automation – Your smart thermostat will learn your heating and cooling habits quickly and make adjustments so you never have to “remember” to adjust it at certain times of day.
  • Data-Driven Performance – Many smart thermostats can make energy-saving recommendations based on data it collects as it heats or cools your home. It can tell you how to optimize performance and save money based on what the machine notices about your energy use.
  • Lower Utility Bills – Data-driven performance means more efficient use. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better on your pocketbook, as it will save significant money each month on lower utility bills.
  • Better-Maintained HVAC Systems – Using perfectly appropriate amounts of energy means you won’t strain your HVAC unit, and if you don’t strain your HVAC unit, it will last longer and require fewer repairs.
Let Air Services Install Your New Smart Thermostat
If you would like to have a new smart thermostat installed this New Year, contact your local heating and air conditioning professionals at Air Services so we can make sure you get exactly the model you want and need. Installation is fast and affordable, and the devices themselves are not prohibitively expensive. A small investment now could save a lot of money over the long-haul, and is certainly worth the peace of mind that comes with a thermostat that takes care of itself.

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