Air Duct Installation & Cleaning

Properly installed ductwork is a crucial element to your HVAC system, distributing airflow from your heating and cooling equipment to your entire home or building through a series of ducts and vents. At Air Services we fabricate all our own ductwork, which allows for customization for your home or commercial property.

If you have a poorly designed duct system, the comfort of your home or business and the efficiency of your heating and cooling system will suffer, leading to higher energy bills.

Why Hire Air Services to Install Ductwork?

If you think duct installation is a do-it-yourself project, think again. Installation by a professional contractor is highly recommended – and Air Services can take care of the job for you.

Duct installation is a complicated process that should be left to the experts.

Air Services will ensure:

  • Ductwork is designed well and sized correctly to match your HVAC system
  • Materials are high quality and installed properly
  • Seams between duct pieces are sealed well
  • Ducts are separated from areas like attics and crawl spaces with insulation
  • The correct number of return vents are installed
  • The system is balanced, with the required amount of air flow into each room

Without attention to these details when installing ductwork, your heating and cooling system will be inefficient and indoor air quality will suffer. You also run the risk of costly repairs or replacement of your entire HVAC system.

Don’t risk it.

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Duct Cleaning

The quality of air in your home or business and the efficiency of your HVAC system depend on keeping ductwork clean.

Without regular cleaning, contaminants such as mold, dust and other harmful particles can build up in the ductwork and affect your health, including aggravating allergies and asthma symptoms. Routine cleaning also allows heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently, which can increase the lifespan of the system.

When hiring a professional, beware of businesses that tout “blow-and-go” services and be sure to check Better Business Bureau ratings. Air Services has an A+ rating with the BBB!

A legitimate air duct cleaning service like Air Services involves cleaning the entire HVAC system, including air ducts, coils, drain pain, registers, grills, air plenum, blower motor and assembly, heat exchanger, air filter, and air cleaner. We’ll break contaminants loose, collect and remove them from your home. We’ll also inspect for any tears or leaks and fix them before we leave.

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association recommends a thorough air duct cleaning and inspection every three to five years. In addition, these situations warrant additional cleanings:

  • Moving to a new home
  • Finishing home renovation
  • Unexplained allergies, asthma or other symptoms
  • Rodents or insects in your duct system
  • Recent water damage or mold contamination
  • Pets that shed excessively
  • Smokers live in the home

Talk to an Air Services technician today about how often ductwork in your home or commercial property should be cleaned. We will ensure the air you breathe is clean and your HVAC system is operating as efficiently as possible.

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