Putting Your Tax Refund to (Energy) Smart Use


Getting a tax refund always feels like a gift, but the moment it finds its way into your hands, the questions about how to spend it start seeping into your mind. While people have used their refund checks for everything from vacations to paying off student loan debt, one practical option for homeowners is to spend the money on making their home more energy efficient. Knowing how many innovations are available these days in heating and cooling services, it’s no wonder so many people are using tax refunds to make their homes more comfortable while lowering their carbon footprint.

What types of HVAC services could a homeowner invest in once they get their tax refunds? The following is a look at four upgrades that could make a huge difference for your comfort and your monthly utility bills.
#1 Smart Thermostat
One of the simplest (and frankly, most fun) upgrades a homeowner can make is to invest in a smart thermostat. These thermostats, made by Nest and other companies, are programmable and adaptive, which means you don’t have to manually set the heat or air conditioning at certain times. The thermostat will make the changes itself, keeping your home more comfortable and ensuring you don’t waste any utility money.
Furthermore, these can be controlled by a smartphone app, which means you can alter the temperature of your home when you’re away. They are easy to use, and here at Air Services, we are happy to install them for you.
#2 HEPA Filter
All HVAC systems have air filters to help keep allergens and dirt particles out of your duct system and, ultimately, your lungs. However, most systems require MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) filters that rate somewhere between 5 and 10 on a scale of 20. A HEPA filter system, meanwhile, will keep out 99.97% of airborne particles. If you want cleaner air or wish to decrease seasonal allergy symptoms, a filter upgrade could be a huge boon.
#3 Ductwork Upgrades
Another option is to have a ductwork inspection done and make upgrades/repairs wherever necessary. Cracks or other openings in your ducts can allow air to escape rather than find its way into your too hot/too cold rooms. If you do have any issues with your ducts, investing your tax refund in some repairs and upgrades could make a huge difference in lowering your heating and cooling bills while also making your rooms reflect the temperature on the thermostat.
#4 Splitting House into HVAC Zones
If you really want to go next-level, there are ways to set up zones in your home that can be heated and cooled at different temperatures. This means if you run hotter than, say, your children, you could have one bedroom at one temperature and another bedroom at another temperature. It’s an incredible luxury that ensures every room in the house is exactly the temperature the occupants need it to be at that time.
Using Air Services for HVAC Upgrades
If you think any of these services could be a good way to use your tax refund check, give us a call here at Air Services so we can get you on the schedule to install/upgrade whatever item or service you’re interested in getting. There are many ways to spend your tax refund, but an HVAC upgrade could be a smart (and energy-smart) way to go!

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