Keeping Restaurant Kitchens Cool with HVAC Services in Waterloo


Anybody who has ever owned or worked in a restaurant knows that the kitchen is typically the hottest area in the entire building. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise since there are so many kitchen appliances and moving bodies that generate heat in a relatively small space, but keeping those machines and those employees reasonably cool is important. Not only is this essential for the safety and comfort of those working, but also for the longevity and proper functionality of the machines in that kitchen.

Thankfully, there are some things your commercial HVAC contractor here at Air Services can do to help ensure your restaurant kitchen stays cool, even during the warmest months of the year.
Four Tips for Keeping Restaurant Kitchens Cool
1. Set Up HVAC Zones
It’s not uncommon for employees working in a hot kitchen to feel overheated while the patrons in the dining room are perfectly comfortable, or even a little chilly. That’s because the HVAC system is treating these two zones as though they’re the same when they are not. To correct this, the professionals at Air Services can set up a multi-zone system that cools the dining room and kitchen at different temperatures to be sure everyone is comfortable, from patrons to staff.
2. Keep Your Air Conditioning System Maintained
As with any home HVAC unit, businesses should have their commercial HVAC units serviced once a year to ensure optimal performance. It’s better to catch small problems before they turn into big ones, especially if it can keep your kitchen appropriately cool while employees are working griddles and ovens and grills.
3. Install Air Curtains
Sometimes, when it’s cooler outside, there can be the temptation to crack open a door, but this can let uninvited bugs into your kitchen. A better option may be an air curtain, which can be installed at entryways and automatically activate when doors open. These provide a constant flow of air blowing outwards that protects from insects trying to fly in. These help you prop the door open in a much more sanitary way.
4. Improve Ventilation
If the kitchen gets stuffy as the temperature rises, the ventilation may need some improvements. Bad ventilation can trap heat and smoke in your workspace, making it an uncomfortable place to be. One of our professionals can help ensure those things don’t happen, and that the improved ventilation adds another layer of protection against a miserable, stuffy work area.
How Air Services Can Help Keep Restaurants Cool
Every business owner wants to be sure their customers are happy and comfortable throughout their visit, and as a respected commercial heating and cooling provider, we have the hard-working professionals and the expertise to ensure your restaurant runs as smoothly as possible, at least as it pertains to air conditioning. If you’d like help balancing out the air conditioning and ventilation in your restaurant, give us a call any time so we can help you find the optimal temperatures for your kitchen and dining room.

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