Is Your Home Air Making You Miserable?


Our homes should be places where we feel comfortable, but often, poor indoor air quality can make rest, relaxation, and easy breathing nearly impossible. Especially as the workforce trends homebound and people are spending more hours in their home than ever, it’s important to be sure that the air you’re breathing is good.

Here at Air Services, we want to help, not only in offering up professional services like indoor air quality testing and duct cleaning but also by providing a few simple things homeowners can do themselves to improve their indoor air quality.
Five Ways Homeowners Can Improve Indoor Air Quality
1. Change Your Air Filter(s)
Many homeowners are shocked when they call an Air Services technician to their home for repairs only to discover that their problems could’ve been solved immediately by purchasing a $10 air filter for their HVAC system and replacing the old, dirty one. Of course, many of your household appliances have air filters, too, and changing those regularly can also improve your indoor air quality.
2. Invest in a Duct Cleaning
Mold, bacteria, and dust can hide in your ductwork, no matter how clean a person you may be. Since people can’t get their vacuums deep enough into that ductwork to remove all those pollutants, it can be a good idea to call Air Services for help since we specialize in duct installation and cleaning. We use professional-grade tools to get those ducts nice and clean for an immediate improvement in the quality of air in your home.
3. Clean Regularly
Almost no one likes doing it, but dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping can have a massive impact on how easy it is to breathe in your own home. It makes sense that removing dust from a home would improve air quality, doesn’t it?
4. Control Indoor Humidity
A humid house can create a more pleasant environment for indoor pollutants. Humidity can create moist conditions that breed mold and mildew that trigger allergies and asthma. Even with a clean house, too much humidity can make it hard to breathe, so drying things out a bit is one possible step homeowners can take.
5. Buy House Plants
Not only do houseplants look beautiful and add so much to the aesthetics of a home, but they also can help improve the quality of the air you’re breathing. Just like the plants outside your front door, indoor plants are natural air filters that help to pull pollutants from the air. Peace lilies, bamboo palms, spider plants, ferns, and even aloe can help purify your indoor air, and as a bonus, they look great just about anywhere.
Using Air Services to Improve Indoor Air Quality
If you’ve cleaned the house, added a few ferns, and replaced all your air filters, but you still feel like there’s more that can be done, please contact someone here at Air Services so we can run an air quality test and help in all the ways we are professionally trained to help. From duct cleaning to improved ventilation to electronic air cleaners and purifiers, we can help you find exactly what you need to create as much fresh air in your home as possible.

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