Getting Ahead of Air Conditioning Repairs


Many people don’t think about their air conditioning systems one bit during the cooler seasons of the year, and why would they? Thinking about A/C repair and maintenance when the weather is frigid is admittedly counterintuitive (most people are much more concerned about heating maintenance in the fall and winter). However, at Air Services, we strongly suggest having your A/C maintenance done during the offseason for several reasons.

Why It’s Important to Invest in Offseason HVAC Maintenance
Reason 1: You’ll Skip the Busy Season
Put simply, it is much harder to schedule A/C maintenance when it’s hot outside than it would be during the fall or spring when demand is lower for our service technicians. Plenty of things go wrong with HVAC units during the hottest months of the year, which keeps us busy. It’ll be less frustrating for you to just schedule us at a time when there’s little-to-no wait.
Reason 2: You’ll Avoid a Broken A/C Unit During the Hottest Months
The other issue with waiting until the hottest months of the year is that if something goes wrong with your A/C unit in, say, the dog days of August, you may have to live in a home that is miserably hot for some days. However, if we can spot the issue in April or October when the weather is milder, you not only will get faster service, but your home will be reasonably comfortable in the meantime.
Reason 3: Maintenance is More Affordable Than Repairs
As with all mechanical things, spending a little to have regular maintenance done is almost always more affordable than paying for a repair. Preventing problems from occurring is more cost-effective than allowing small problems to become larger, expensive problems. On top of everything else, having regular maintenance done can actually save you money, especially considering how pricey an emergency HVAC company can be during the busy season.
Reason 4: Many Warranties Require Regular Maintenance
Sometimes, your HVAC unit’s warranty will require regular maintenance to uphold the terms and conditions of the agreement. Certain brands (Comfortmaker, Lennox, and Trane, for example) clearly state in their guidelines that they’ll only provide replacement parts for units that have had regular maintenance by HVAC pros.
Reason 5: You’ll Expand the Life of Your A/C Unit
Lastly, we all want our HVAC units to last as long as possible because replacing them is a major expense. To get the most life out of an air conditioning unit, home and business owners would be wise to spend on upkeep. As with anything else, the better you take care of something, the longer it lasts.
Using Air Services for Your Air Conditioning Maintenance
If you are interested in scheduling A/C maintenance, no matter what time of year it may be, give us a call here at Air Services so we can get a specialist out to your home or business to keep things running as smoothly as possible. It’s always great to get ahead of the game, but whenever the need arises, you can count on us to keep your air conditioning running as coolly as you need it to run.

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