Geothermal Cooling vs Air Conditioning: What is Right for You in Waterloo?


When it comes time to upgrade your current HVAC system, an increasingly popular option among homeowners in and around Waterloo, IA is geothermal heating and cooling. What once was a rare luxury for select homes and businesses has picked up steam as an exciting new option for heating and cooling. But as with any HVAC system, geothermal systems have both their advantages and disadvantages. As a respected HVAC company serving this part of the state, we want to have a look at what those advantages and disadvantages are.

Advantages of Geothermal Energy
● High Efficiency – Perhaps the most notable advantage of geothermal HVAC systems is that they are much more efficient than traditional HVAC units. The reason for this is that geothermal systems don’t have to create or negate heat; they just have to move that heat around. The result is a system that can operate at up to 500% efficiency, which translates to 30 to 60% savings on heating costs and 25-50% on cooling costs.
● Environmentally Friendly – There is no greener power source available for homes than a geothermal one. They create almost no emissions because they require no combustion. While they do use some electricity, the footprint is much less than a standard HVAC system.
● Not Weather Dependent – While solar-powered and wind-powered systems are dependent on the weather to generate energy, geothermal systems are renewable and not dependent on conditions.
● Flexibility – Once nice thing about geothermal energy is that it works well for homes or businesses in large structures or small ones. An Air Services air conditioning contractor only needs to fit a properly-sized system into the space to have it running smoothly in no time.
Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy
● Higher Upfront Cost – While there are significant monthly energy savings to be had, the upfront cost of this type of HVAC system is admittedly higher than a standard one. However, keep in mind that the savings in energy expenses can make up the difference over just five to ten years.
● Only Easy to Install in New Builds – Because some excavation is required to install this sort of system, retrofitting a geothermal system into an existing home can be a lot of work. Again, we believe the advantages are worth it, but these types of HVAC systems are easier to install in new builds than existing homes.
● Not All HVAC Contractors Can Service Them – Here at Air Services, we do have experience and expertise in installing and maintaining geothermal HVAC systems, but because they’re still relatively new, other HVAC contractors may not be able to help you. This isn’t a problem if you use Air Services, but widespread knowledge about geothermal heating and cooling simply isn’t available in our industry just yet.
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